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the zombie at the shooting range crashes your game

im gonna get a high round

im spinning with out moving the mouse how do i not

where is the boss in the graveyard

So there's the graveyard level, where's the power box to turn on the powe

you have to turn on the 2 smaller towers and and then the bigger one and then the power will be turned on

It was working last friday but now it says browser does not support webgl, was completely fine last time i played.

Why don't I have this gun in my low poly fps pack?


he has custom weapons

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New record: Round 64

I could have gone further, but I had been playing for about 3 hours at this point. So, I decided to end my run on round 64. 

why not 69:(

ayyyyyy gg's bro. I'm about to run a round 69 game this weekend!

I'll let your record stay for another day, Hopefully someone doesn't beat me by 1 round

the invite is expired

the discord link don't work 



World Record

Also; Pro Tip for the others attempting this. The "No Running" Glitch happens randomly. The best fix for this is throwing another grenade to cancel it out.

My Best Suggestion is that you have a decent computer. I'd set the Texture Quality/ Overall Quality to Low, And Set rendering to 60%.


big gamer moment

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This was actually good. Nice stuff.


made it to round 49 then my shift stopped working

Nice! You beat my previous PB lol (It was 48)


It is because they were going to be apart of this game but then it got cancelled. It is coming in UZG 2. Idk when the uzg come out.

Why do controllers only partially work ?

lol im trying to do the pistol challenge only but the dogs make it difficult. round 26 

yea dogs can kill you while your pause

for some reason when I pause my game on the map demo level i still died by dogs. FIx that plz.

very gud game

how can i change keybinds

good game may need new melee stuff but other then that. good game


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Is there a way to change the keybinds?

And if so, can I bind to side buttons on my mouse?

Great game btw

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i like the game, but it need more update

lol wtf i went through the portal and discovered a... certain place. nice job, I was properly terrified when I suddenly teleported to [REDACTED]

haha lmao

make it for mac

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level 30

i got bored and killed myself at round 36. pack a punched minigun is broken

literally. inf ammo

(hope dev doesn't see this)

it’s not infinite, it’s just has a lot of ammo lol

you cant reload after 0 reserve, but you can fire forever. literally. got to 70 rounds by holding fire the entire time. I don't count this as an achievement cos its an exploit.

Dang it of course dev was online when I typed that

Managed to get to lvl 20 the other day,so less goo

i cant look around for some reason

Great game, well done m8. Kodos on the coding

whats with all the children in the comments?

can you add a control to tern off night visen on house because MY FRAMES DROP LIKE FLYS!

i fell off from map docks i cant get back up lol

same thing happend to me lmao




lol the crash zombie in the shooting range is halarious

um im hacking beat all the levels in 4 seconds

sike I'm too good

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